Khachkar (arm խաչքար, literally “cross-stone”)

The similarity of the Armenian and Celtic cultures - ornaments of Armenian khachkars and the Celtic cross-stones.
Khachkar (arm խաչքար, literally "cross-stone".) - A kind of Armenian architectural monuments, which is a stone stele carved with a cross and a symbol of eternity and the sun. Total in Armenia There are several thousand cross-stones, each characterized by its own unique pattern, although patterns are usually designed in the same style. The oldest dated khachkar refers to the year 879 and is stored in the temple of Garni.
In the pre-Christian period in the mountains, at the source of the river, at the boundaries of settlements, roads have erected stone steles - "vishapakary" who believe predecessors khachkars - people represented by their enchanted heroes of their myths and legends. It was a kind of marking of the earth, inhabited by man. They were covered with carvings depicting fish, birds, animal skins and heads of cows and sheep, in cuneiform.
Celtic Cross (Cross of St. Columba) - ravnoluchevoy cross with a circle. It is a characteristic symbol of Celtic Christianity, though it has a more ancient pagan roots. It symbolizes the sun, air, land and water in unity. Indicates cyclical and isolation. Cross appeared in Ireland, to the VIII century.
There are numerous examples of the cross and the image of the circle. Usually, they are called "sun cross". In Ireland, it is believed that the Celtic cross appeared on the island thanks to St. Patrick -. Missionary for calling Ireland to Christianity. According to him, the Celtic cross - a union of the cross, the symbol of Christianity, and the symbol of the sun, to give the converted to Christianity from paganism the idea of the importance of the cross by linking it with the idea of the pagan sun-god. In the early Celtic crosses are such Christian symbols like fish and chrism.

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Khachkar (arm խաչքար, literally “cross-stone”)

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