Armenian Itinerary

Gurdjieff Pilgrimage to Armenia Itinerary

August 2018

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Day 1
Arrivals in Yerevan

Accommodation in the hotel. Tour in the heart of the capital city, including an indoor market where you can meet all the colors of Armenia. Visit to the State Museum of History – a crossroads of centuries of old culture. Matenadaran - the repository of more than 17,000 manuscripts in various languages. In 2012, Yerevan was announced the “capital of the book”. Cascade – sculptures alley. Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 2
Mastara – Sarnaghbyur – Gyumri

Direction in Gyumri (Alexandropol), the city where great men and thinkers are born. On the road, visit the Church of St. John (7th century) in the village of Mastara. It represents one of the most ancient surviving churches with distinct architecture. The village of Sarnaghbyur, including a cave with a spring called Zagha - which is one of most striking examples of cult worship of water to this day. The majority of pilgrims believe in its miraculous properties. Continue to Hogevank, which means "the temple of the soul.” Become introduced to the secrets and history of the old city of Gyumri. Get acquainted with Arthur Nikoghosyan an expert and researcher of Gurdjieff work. Visit Gurdjieff’s house and his father - Ashugh Adash grave. Meeting with the sculptor and a master of totems Albert Vardanyan in his foundry. Overnight in Gyumri.

Day 3
Marmashen – Tsak Qar - Karmrakar – Gyumri

Direction to the monastery complex of Marmashen. View Urartian cuneiform inscriptions of Argishti I, the lake of volcanic origin, an illuminating terrain of sheen volcanic rock. Return to Gyumri. Visit the house-museum of the famous monumentalist and sculptor and a cousin of Gurdjieff, S. D. Merkurov. View priceless repository of death masks of great men of our era. Visiting the area of pre-Christian period ''Tsak Qar'', a hole in stone presumably signifying a pagan cult of fertility. The village of Karmrakar (Darband). Gyumri. Visiting the studio of illustrator and the author of unique phantasmagoric images Vahan Topchyan. Overnight in Gyumri.

Day 4
Vanadzor – Odzun – Sanahin – Haghpat

Direction to Lori region. The Church of Odzun, where in addition to unmatched architecture, it is possible to hear sharakans of the priest Vrtanes performed his sonorous bass. Visit the monastery complex of Sanahin, where Gurdjieff has studied. Overnight in village Haghpat.

Day 5
Haghpat – Makaravank – Ijevan – Dilijan

After breakfast visit to Haghpat UNESCO heritage monastery, where we’ll have a possible meeting with Father Aspet and the local choir of children. Introduction to the rich history and architecture of the monastery where famous Armenian bard Sayat Nova has lived and worked. Afterwards, departure to Makaravank monastery complex dating back to 10-13th cc. The road continues to town Ijevan and resort city Dilijan. Overnight in Dilijan.

Day 6
Haghartsin (Holy Liturgy) – Goshavank – Sharambeyan str. – Dilijan

Visiting the monastery complex of Haghartsin, which is among the deep virgin forests. The historic center of Dilijan, the Sharambeyan street-museum. Goshavank monastery complex famous for its unique cross-stone. Overnight in Dilijan.

Day 7
Sevan – Noraduz – Selim – Yeghegis – Hermon

The next miracle of Armenia, the alpine freshwater Lake Sevan. The monastery of Sevanavank (9th century) is located on the peninsula. Noraduz - unquantifiable lagged valley of khachkars, where you can read many amazing stories. Overnight in Hermon.

Day 8
Zorats Karer – Tatev – Goris

After breakfast at the hotel departure to Syunik region with its amazing landscapes and nature. On the way stop at Zorats Karer or Karahunj ancient observatory. Afterwards, drive to Tatev monastery complex; here it is possible to get to the monastery via the longest air tramway in the world (5,7 km, 320 m highest point). Introduction to the monastery complex and then drive to a small town Goris with its beautiful and unique architecture. Overnight in Goris.



Day 9
Noravank – Areni – Khor Virap – Yerevan

Noravank monastery complex - a fine example of church architecture, spiritualized by priest Father Sahak. It brings you into the world of knowledge and symbology through ineffable stories. The oldest winery Areni. Visit to Khor Virap - one of the most revered shrines for Armenian pilgrims; it is an important center of Christianity. A meeting with the honored artist and Gurdjieff compatriot Ararat Sarkissyan in his studio. Here you can see some of his projects, each one keeps the interesting history of origin and creation. Return and overnight in Yerevan.

Day 10
Garni – Geghard – Ejmiatsin – Yerevan (Narekatsi Centre – Gurdjieff ensemble)

Direction in Garni, a pagan temple of the sun dating back to the 1st century, which to this day is the site of meeting and rituals for Armenian Aryans and adherents of the pagan faith. The monastery complex of Geghard, carved out of solid rock and has excellent acoustics. The Cathedral of St. Echmiadzin - the spiritual center and residence of the Catholics of all Armenians. Return to Yerevan. Visit the Komitas Museum - Meeting with Levon Eskenian and Gurdjieff Folk Instrument Ensemble at Narekatsi Centre. Farewell dinner in the environment of Armenian cuisine and true hospitality. If possible, you will have a meeting with the president of the Association of Chefs, Sedrak Mamulyan. His culinary skills will reveal the taste and aroma in Armenian cuisine. Overnight in Yerevan.


Day 11

Zvartnots – Departure

A very important rule for us here at Bennett Pilgrimages with all of our tours, seminars and pilgrimages; we don't want you to feel rushed when visiting sights, or traveling. Nothing is obligatory, except that you are on the bus when it leaves to travel to another location and hotel. It is your trip, your pilgrimage. We do travel as a group, and each morning we will have the opportunity as a group, to discuss the day's planned activities. If you choose to be on your own for the day, this is perfectly okay!